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HARVARD “Mitchell’s wisdom makes her a legend in college admissions, particularly because she cares so deeply about the right ‘match’ for every student.”
—William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions

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Second Edition, July, 2014 – 8 First choices is the #1 college guide endorsed by more top college admissions deans than all other college guides.

EMORY “During my twenty-one years at Emory, I have benefited greatly from Joyce Slayton Mitchell’s wise, accurate, and compassionate view of college admissions. Listen to what she says; she gets it right and she knows what’s most important in all of this: the students!”
—Scott L. Allen, Associate Dean of Admissions

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Mitchell女士是美国大学咨询行业中最有见解、 最敏锐、 最有经验的专业人士之一。她撰写的书籍以及个人建议已经帮助数千名学生为大学申请做了充分的准备。她总能给出公正、 实用、 坦诚且恰当的建议。
——Christoph Guttentag, 本科招生办主任

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