EBooks by JSM


  1. 8 First Choices: An Expert’s Guide to Getting Into College, Second Edition. The #1 college admissions process book.
  2. College Culture: What’s My Match? the first book on the market to get beyond ranking, major, and location to describe your fit to the college – the reason that keeps you there!
  3. The Chinese Guide to American Colleges
  4. The Indian Guide to American Colleges
  5. Bible Express: The Fast Track to the Old and New Testaments, The world’s best seller.
  6. A Special Delivery: Mother/Daughter Letters from Afar. Personal letters from Vermont to New Zealand where the daughter falls in love with a Polynesian Pacific Islander – learn what happens next…
  7. Paris by Pastry: Stalking the Sweet Life of Paris The Paris guide that gets visitors out of the few tourist areas to become adventurers on all of the sweet streets of Parisian life.
  8. Korean Guide to American Colleges and Universities
  9. The Vietnamese Guide to American Colleges
  10. Winning the Chemo Battle
  11. Knuckleboom Loaders Load Logs: A Trip to the Sawmill


* Korean language title, Korean Guide to US universities, November, 2013

* 举突破美国名校, Chinese Guide to US universities, 2014

* College Culture: What’s My Match?, in press, 2012; Ebook, 2012

* The Chinese Guide to American Colleges, Dogwood Pub, Beijing, China, 2010

* The Indian Guide to American Colleges, Hay House, Mumbai, India, Jan. 2010

*Eight First Choices: An Expert’s Strategies for Getting Into College, SuperCollege, 2009

* Belly to the Bar: Dining with NYC’s Celebrity Chefs Without Reservations, Cumberland
House, May, 2008
* Paris by Pastry: Stalking the Sweet Life on the streets of Paris, Jones Books, 2006

* Bible Smarts: Fast Facts to the Catholic Bible, Ambassador Books, in press, 2006

* Winning the Heart of the College Admissions Dean, Ten Speed Press, 2002, 2005

* Knuckleboom Loaders Load Logs, Overlook Press, 2003

* Crashed, Smashed, and Mashed: Junkyard Heaven, Tricycle Press, spring, 2001

* Tractor-Trailer Trucker, Tricycle Press, February, 2000, 2nd printing April,2000

* A Special Delivery: Mother/Daughter Letters from Afar, Equilibrium Press,  l999

* The College Board Guide to Career Planning, The College Board, l990, l994

*Bible Smarts: Fast Facts to the Old and New Testaments, Price, Stern, Sloan, 1987
* Winning the Chemo Battle, Norton, 1986, trade edition,l988
* My Mommy Makes Money, Little, Brown, 1984
* Choices and Changes: A Career Book for Men, The College Board, 1982
* Taking On the World: Empowering Strategies for Parents of Children with Disabilities, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1982
*  Be a Mother and More:  Career and Life Planning, Bantam, 1980
* See Me More Clearly: Career Planning for Teens with Physical Disabilities, HBJ, l980
* I Can Be Anything: Careers for Young Women, College Board, 1976, 1979, 1982;
Bantam, l979
* The Men’s Career Book, Bantam, 1979
* What’s Where:  The Official Guide to College Majors, Avon,       1979
* Free to Choose:  Decision Making for Young Men, Delacorte,  Dell, 1976
* Other Choices for Becoming a Woman, Delacorte, Dell, 1975
* The Guide to Canadian Universities, Simon & Schuster, 1970
* The Guide to College Life, Prentice-Hall, 1969